Types and types of Thai face masks

Types and types of Thai face masks

Types and types of Thai face masks - the most popular options among residents of Thailand
Thai women are actively using all the benefits of nature, use plant extracts and essential oils to improve the condition of their own skin, rejuvenation and moisturizing. Oriental beauty secrets make Thai women look much younger, always rested and fresh. Thai manufacturers of cosmetics for face skin care are trying to share oriental beauty secrets with residents of all world countries, therefore they offer a wide range of face masks in convenient packaging.

  What is the difference between Thai black face mask?
The black mask began to enjoy considerable popularity immediately after the appearance of Oriental cosmetics on the market. The drug has a rich black color and a dense texture. During preparation of the preparation, the composition from the package should simply be diluted with clean water, after which it is recommended to apply the prepared composition with a thick layer on the surface of the skin. Keep the tool should be at least 20 minutes to complete drying and turning the composition into a film.
The mask does not require rinsing with water, as to remove the composition from the skin surface it is necessary to remove the film by moving it from the bottom towards the top. Proper use of the tool allows you to eliminate acne, remove black spots and clean deep pores.

  How to use snail mask from Thailand?
The product is based on an extract of natural snail mucus, which has a beneficial effect on the deeper layers of the skin and surface. Facial masks are made on a fabric basis, therefore preparation of the product does not require extra effort. The tissue base is perfectly impregnated with concentrated cosmetic preparations with active ingredients, plant extracts and antioxidants.
It is permissible to use one portion of the product several times, since after the next application the fabric base can be placed in the refrigerator until the next use. After application of the product, the surface of the skin becomes elastic, well-groomed and hydrated. Under the condition of proper use of the fair sex, the preservation of youthful skin is guaranteed.
  Why use a Thai-made golden mask?
Golden mask is the best choice for the fair sex, who are faced with age-related changes, withering, loss of elasticity and freshness of the skin.
Regular use of the golden mask allows you to achieve the following effects:
  The return of freshness, rested and well-groomed appearance of the skin;
  Improving the elasticity of the dermis;
  Active nutrition and hydration;
  Pronounced effect of rejuvenation.

The golden mask is made in the form of a dry powder or on a fabric basis, but the composition remains the same. Customers have the opportunity to choose the most convenient format of funds. Masks in the form of powder or on a fabric base are sufficient for carrying out several cosmetic procedures.

  What is the difference between collagen facial mask?
Collagen mask is an excellent choice for shoppers with age-related changes, fine wrinkles and loss of the former elasticity. As a result of constant use, the surface of the skin becomes softer, firmer and more hydrated. A collagen mask on a fabric base can be used about 8 times, and after each use it can be left in the refrigerator until the next procedure.


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