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Gross weight: 300.00 g
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Colchicine gout tablets are highly effective.
The main active substance is colchicine.
The drug quickly stops acute, unbearable, burning pain in the joint and inflammation caused by gout. Along with the removal of acute symptoms, tablets have a therapeutic effect:

    normalize the level of uric acid in the blood;
    prevent the release of purine crystals in the joints, crystals of sodium monourate (the so-called "salts");

Mode of application:
to stop severe pain and inflammation, take 1-2 tablets every 2 hours until the problem is resolved;
For the prevention of gout, 1 tablet is used daily.
Contraindications: not recommended for pregnant women and during lactation, with chronic diseases of the heart and gastrointestinal tract.
Volume: 100 tablets.

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