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Brand: Yanhee General International Hospital
Product Code: 000817
Gross weight: 250.00 g
На складе: В наличии
4,681RUB 4,681 р.

 Please note that we can not guarantee every customer the desired result, because the reaction of the body of each individual in the course of weight loss.
  Vladivostok and Khabarovsk! THAI BEAR IS AVAILABLE IN YOUR CITIES!
 Can you just 28 days to lose weight from 15 to 20 kilograms without dieting, fasting and debilitating sports? Specialists Bangkok Hospital "Yanhee" confidently say: this is quite achievable. And indeed, with the miracle pills, made with the use of plant material, commonly known under the name "Thai Bears", "Minus 20", to achieve the desired result will be easier than ever. And you do not even have to make an effort - enough to observe and chart a course receiving the drug manufacturer's recommendations
.  Effective tool for rapid weight loss
 Losses in two or three kilograms is almost impossible to see in the background of a significant weight gain - this is the problem and the cause of failures during a diet or exercise. The lack of visible results is able to disappoint even the most self-confident person. And what if you lose during the month of 15 or 20 kilos? This dramatic change is simply impossible to ignore. The result of the effort will be guaranteed complete change of wardrobe and finding the desired slim silhouette.
 That capsules work as "Thai Bears", "Minus 20", in which the efficiency of vegetable raw materials combined with vitamin and mineral supplements that provide supporting effect. Calibrated formulation obtained in the clinical setting, and repeatedly proved its efficiency within the reception under the control of the leading specialists of the hospital "Yanhee" meets all safety standards. And you can not be afraid of side effects - in compliance with the manufacturer's recommendations of their appearance will be completely excluded
.  Reduce excess body weight, while improving metabolic processes and eliminating the body of toxins accumulated by them in the process of weight gain - it's real. Moreover, modern preparation plant-based, you just forget about the feeling of hunger, and the kilos will go away quickly, leaving a pleasant feeling of lightness, forgotten under the weight of excess weight.
 Do not need you and restriction diet - is enough to exclude the drinks have a stimulating effect (soda, coffee, tea, alcohol) that can enhance the diuretic effect. No wonder that "Thai Bears" became a hit in the fashion business, because the mannequins also want to maintain the harmony without any extra effort.
 What you need to know about the means "Thai Bears", "Minus 20"?
 We are confident that the rapid weight loss may not be safe? We are ready to convince you otherwise. Admission capsules "Thai Bears", "Minus 20" according to the manufacturer's recommended scheme is absolutely safe for your body. Moreover, it can be used to achieve positive changes in the endocrine system, to get rid of hot flushes during menopause and PMS symptoms. And the drug effectively treats constipation and stagnation of fluid in the tissues, providing lymphatic drainage, anti and tonic effect.
 Dropping from a half to two dozen kilos, you will have long forgotten ease, be able to afford the most daring outfits, and will be simply irresistible in heels. And this can be done now, not putting weight reduction until better times, or the following Monday. In order to make the first step towards the harmony, you only need to place an order for the purchase of the course "Thai Bears", "Minus 20" in our online store. And you get the ordered drug in the shortest possible time and with a quality guarantee from the manufacturer.
 For successful weight loss pills should take a course over 28 days. Repeated reception is possible after a short break (on average - to 7 days). And to strengthen the effect you can use a special support means providing less intensive weight loss - up to 10 kilograms within a month
.  Bargain - with quality assurance
 His customers, we offer only the original drug "Thai Bears", "Minus 20", manufactured by Yanhee General Hospital, ensuring the achievement of the desired result after the first reception of the course. And you can be confident of success, because with the help of this tool support itself in the form of not only thousands of Thai women, but also recognized trendsetter and socialites who know a lot about the control over their own bodies.
 It is important to bear in mind that the drug is not recommended for use on persons suffering from diabetes, chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system, glaucoma. Do not use it during the childbearing or breastfeeding. But the reception of contraceptives is quite compatible with the use of this drug for weight loss. Moreover, the capsule can relieve the symptoms of PMS, which often become more pronounced when taking hormonal contraceptives.
 It's time to part with the extra weight with no regrets and a long wait the result. Book a tool for weight management "Thai Bears", "Minus 20" now, and you will be able to evaluate its effectiveness, others captivating seductive forms after only 28 days of treatment. And we will make sure that each of our shoppers able to get your order as soon as possible.
 Note: If the drug at the initial stage is over a strong effect and hinders the daily activities, it should be during the first week of taking the capsules a day. Then switch to a regular intake.
 To enhance the effect of the course, you can also add them to receive An effective fat burner L-Carnitine Yanhee L-carnitine
 We also offer to get acquainted with the course of Thai Bears -10 kilogram
 Please note that we can not guarantee every customer the desired result, because the reaction of the body of each individual in the course of weight loss.


 How to use: each bag is written the number of pills that need to be consumed at one time
.  - In the afternoon, 10 minutes before lunch, take a capsule of green tea bags. One all but one of the package in which two pieces, obtained at a time of 8 pieces. Drink a glass of water, two is better.
 - At night, drink a capsule of red packets. Ten minutes before bedtime drink 7 tablets Yanhee a glass of water.
 Side effects:
 Cleansing the body of toxins does not pass without some discomfort. Sweating, frequent desires in a toilet, nausea, especially in the early days of receipt. If discomfort in the body interferes with the normal flow of life, the doctor recommends the first week of taking the capsules a day, then go to the daily intake.
 Not recommended: people under 18 and older than 60 years. Pregnant and lactating women during lactation. Persons who have had a heart attack, stroke or have diseases of the cardiovascular system. People with chronic kidney disease.
 It is not a cure.

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