Application of popular balsams from Thailand

Application of popular balsams from Thailand

Travelers and tourists in Thailand unequivocally noticed that all the showcases are full of multiple balms, ointments and medicines. The composition of such products is completely natural and safe, so the appearance of any side effects and allergic reactions is completely excluded. Oriental manufacturers offer a huge assortment of balms, which differ among themselves in the ways of application, the medicinal effect and the sphere of use.

  How to use a cobra balm?
Cobra balm has a pronounced warming effect, as it consists of the skin and bone tissue of a cobra with the addition of snake venom, as well as a practically unlimited set of medicinal herbs. Apply the product is on the skin surface twice a day with a thin layer of light massaging movements.
The tool effectively copes with the following conditions and overcomes many ailments:
  Elimination of muscle and joint pain.
  Elimination of itching in case of bites of various insects.
  Relief of a condition for colds, cough and runny nose as a result of rubbing the outer surface of the skin in the chest, nasal passages.
  Elimination of edema and inflammation.
  Why use green Thai balm?
Green balsam from Thailand consists of natural plant extracts, aromatic essential oils and antioxidants. Due to the combined composition of the drug has both warming and cooling effect. Proper use of the product in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations can reduce the manifestations of edema, bruises, reduce muscle discomfort and pain, use as a prophylactic at the time of treatment of colds and viral diseases.

  How to use red Thai balm?
One of the most popular warming ointments from Thailand is the red balsam, so it is actively used in the winter. The composition contains only natural plant extracts, essential oils and antioxidants. The drug with high efficiency eliminates various diseases of the musculoskeletal system (arthrosis, arthritis, joint diseases), can be actively used to perform anti-cellulite massage, as well as to eliminate skin damage.

  Why use tiger balsam from Thailand?
White and red tiger balsam differ in their effects: cooling and warming. Depending on the purpose of use, the funds help to get rid of colds, viral diseases, nasal congestion. Tiger balm allows you to eliminate pain and discomfort in muscles and joints. It is advisable to use the tool in case of injury.

  How to apply Thai yellow balsam?
One of the most effective warming agents from Thailand is the yellow balsam, which favorably affects the entire body and actively improves the blood circulation process. In addition to the rich composition of plant extracts and fragrant essential oils, the product also contains useful ginger, turmeric.

Proper use of yellow Thai balm quickly reduces pain and discomfort in muscles and joints. The tool helps to eliminate varicose veins. Yellow balsam can be used for massage sessions. The drug is suitable for the treatment of bites of various insects, as well as the elimination of fungal and viral infections.

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