Dear Clients! We are pleased to offer you special conditions for a successful and long-term cooperation!
For wholesale customers, we offer a flexible discount system that allows you to get quality goods at the lowest prices.
For our regular customers, we also offer discounts when placing repeat orders.

For a more detailed review, please read the conditions below.

    For buyers making a re-order in our store, we provide a 5% discount on the entire assortment of the store and on orders of any volume. You can place even the smallest order and use your discount. You will receive the coupon code to your mail along with the track number of the first order placed.
    For buyers placing a third order, an 8% discount is available. You also receive the coupon code along with the departure tracking number.

We are ready to cooperate with retail chains and organizers of Joint Purchases on special conditions.

Working with us involves a flexible system of discounts for regular customers who contact us again.

Terms of calculating the cost of goods for wholesale buyers:

    With a one-time order for an amount of 180$ or more, a discount of 10% of the total price applies. When placing an order, you must enter the code 10opt in the column "coupon" in your basket.
    For orders worth 320$
or more, a 15% discount on the total price. Coupon code 15opt in the "coupon" column in your basket.
    For orders in the amount of 820$ or more, a 20% discount is available. Coupon code 20opt in the "coupon" column in your basket.

We recommend that you pay attention to the unstable ruble exchange rate and take into account when forming the final price of goods in your store or purchase that the prices on our website are set in Thai baht and may vary depending on the exchange rate of the bank.

We guarantee you the packaging and design of your goods in perfect condition.

We use shockproof film for each item.

The maximum weight of a single item to be sent is 20 kilograms. If the weight of your application is more than 20 kilograms, then 2 or more boxes will be sent, if necessary.

The cost of one box weighing 20 kilograms-4140 baht. You can always see the cost of your parcel on the Thai Post website.

The parcel arrives at the district post office at the address you provided.

No additional payments and customs duties are no longer provided for and cannot be.

We have provided gifts for our customers.

Due to the mobility of the warehouse, it often happens that a product is on sale in a store, but it is not in stock. In such cases, we will negotiate a replacement with you. We do not put similar positions at our discretion, as is often done in other stores. If the replacement does not suit you, we can replace it with any other product, or return the money to you.

What is a joint purchase.
Quite often it happens that we are bored with domestic brands or those products that are accessible to everyone on the market and want something new, extraordinary, overseas, such that no one has. Or we want to try original goods from a foreign country, whether it’s cosmetics, food, branded clothing and much more.

Of course, in the age of advanced technology on the Internet, you can buy anything. But here, an ordinary user may encounter the following problems:

    The language barrier.

Unfortunately, not all foreign sites have the option of choosing the Russian language, and in this case, the process of making a purchase is complicated. Of course, you can resort to the services of an electronic translator, but this is not always an effective way to understand what is written. Moreover, you need to be confident in choosing the size, method and delivery time, terms of return and exchange, etc., because we risk our money.

    Expensive delivery.

If some people manage the first stage on their own, then anyone who wants to purchase something from a foreign site will encounter a high delivery cost. It happens that the cost of delivery exceeds the price of the product itself, and in this case, the purchase becomes impractical.

    No delivery to your area.

If you don’t feel sorry for the means of delivery, you can often find that the online store does not cooperate with your region, deliveries are not established, and even if you have the means that you are willing to pay for the goods and delivery, it becomes simple for an ordinary user to make a purchase impossible.

And so, joint purchases or a joint venture is an opportunity to purchase the desired foreign products at a low cost, saving yourself from solving the above problems.

Benefit of participants from the joint venture

Significant savings in shipping, as each subsequent kg. cheaper than the previous one, and an unlimited number of people can participate in a joint purchase, therefore, the entire amount for the parcel is divided by all, and thus can be pennies.

Participating in a joint purchase is obviously profitable, just select the product, and the organizer will deal with other issues.