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Brand: VooDoo
Product Code: 000590
Gross weight: 190.00 g
На складе: В наличии
1,315RUB 1,315 р.

 The technology of SYN-AKE received in 2015 a number of awards, including at the - "Swiss Technology Award". On today cream Voo Doo best-selling premium cosmetic products among the local population. The incredible popularity due to the strong performance of funds in the fight in the age-related changes. Cosmetics Voo Doo steadily gaining US and European markets, occupying the leading position in the sales rankings. With that, their price starts from 300 $.
 Voodoo Amezon Booster White Snake Venom Face Mask - this is not just a mask, and a unique wellness complex that combines the properties of the mask, cream and whey. Through the use of nanotechnology effect is noticeable within a day after the first application. That's why this technology can be safely described as one of the five wonders of cosmetology. As part of the assets - natural ingredients that can transform your skin
.  Himalayan salt - a great tool for removing toxins from the cells, allowing to neutralize the effects of free radicals and to withdraw toxins from the skin, running the natural recovery processes. As a result of removing chemicals and contaminants out irritation. The quality of the salt is considered to be the highest in the world, and its age is 250 million years old.
 SYN-AKE, which is another name - snake venom serum, is now considered not only the equivalent of Botox and its improved analogue capable of significantly slow down the aging process. Through the use of nanotechnology active substances enter directly into the skin without the use of injections, keeping moisture in the skin and helps to relax the small muscles. This all contributes to a significant reduction in the number of existing facial wrinkles and prevent the formation of new.
 The antibacterial effect is caused by snow lotus extract, which only grows in the Himalayas. It destroys bacteria and accelerates natural skin renewal. Due to its antiseptic action effectively treats acne and rashes.
 Volume:. 30 grams
 In order to prevent the acquisition of all of these counterfeit money Voo Doo have a personal identification number.

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