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Brand: VooDoo
Product Code: 552
Gross weight: 500.00 g
На складе: В наличии
1,783RUB 1,783 р.

Voodoo Gorgeous Cream
The product is a product developed by the latest technology, natural injection and wrinkle filler, in other words, a filler.
Creation of a new innovative product capable of stopping skin withering, with a rejuvenating effect, a function of lightening dark spots, as well as densifying elastin fibers and replenishing the lack of collagen.
The result of using Voodoo Gorgeous Cream cream filler with snake peptide is accelerated skin softening and increase of internal radiance of the dermis. It is important that the cream filler Voodoo Gorgeous Cream directly regenerates the destroyed cells of the epidermis and eliminates the need to make regular injections of fillers from a cosmetologist.
Gourmet Cream Voodoo:
Normalizes the production of melanin, reduces the appearance of freckles, pigmented spots.
Restores the balance of the skin, smoothing the surface.
Reduces wrinkles and slows the aging process.
It tightens pores, reduces and prevents acne.
Strengthens the elastin and collagen fibers.
Reduces excess oil on the face.
Volume: 30 grams

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