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Brand: Boots
Product Code: 001183
Gross weight: 70.00 g
На складе: В наличии
334 р. 457 р.

Boots has lovingly formulated a range of skin care products enriched with Acerola cherry extract, high in Vitamin C. Eye area gel Boots Acerola Cherry Whitening Eye Gel reduces dark circles under the eyes in 7 days.
The new technology adapts to the unique level of melanin of each individual. Boots Acerola Cherry Whitening Eye Gel normalizes the level of pigmentation, sunspots and melanoma, renews skin cells and niacinamide, a form of vitamin C that serves as a skin lightening ingredient. The gel improves the condition of the skin during hyperpigmentation.
This anti-aging, nourishing, anti-aging cream helps to restore the daily damage done to the skin, restoring it.
Dark spots decrease, the skin tone evens out, wrinkles under the eyes are smoothed out. Stimulates cell renewal.
Volume: 15 ml

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