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Natural soap

 Human skin-the largest organ of the body, which is responsible for the body's thermoregulation. The skin protects it from overheating when the red and the sweat begins to stand out as the temperature rises. And from hypothermia, when at a low temperature slows down blood circulation and saves the consumption of heat, keeping it inside.
 The epidermis is the first barrier of the human body, which keeps the moisture within and protects against the penetration of bacteria. After skin occur oxygen exchange in the cells. Through pores toxins and bacteria. It is very important to maintain the correct pH balance of the skin. But, unfortunately, chemical care products contain large amounts of harmful synthetic chemicals that disrupt the natural protective barrier of the skin and skin cells fail to fulfill their direct function, which leads to aging and sagging skin.
 Obviously, natural soap provides skin complete care, without disturbing the natural balance and without causing addiction. Natural soap is produced in small quantities, it is often done manually. Natural soap from Thailand contains biological extracts and extracts from plants and fruits, natural fatty acids of the shea oil, coconut, macadamia, olive. Natural soap does not cause dryness of the skin, does not irritate the epidermis and gently cleanses. Natural soap is made on the basis of glycerol instead of alkaline compounds. This gives a significant moisture retention in the skin and prevent thinning.