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For face

At all times female beauty was valued and preserved as the most important and important advantage of a woman of any age. The famous Queen Cleopatra became the standard of beauty and femininity for many centuries. And we all know that the queen was very anxious about her appearance. And on the example of Cleopatra, you can see what miracles natural cosmetics do to the skin, because due to the time in which the queen lived, no other cosmetics existed. Fruits and flowers face masks, cow and goat milk tonics and lotions, honey cream and whey, bee venom and snakes venom. Cleopatra was prepared to fight age-related changes of her appearance as much as possible and thanks to such a careful approach to her beauty, contemporaries know the queen as a woman of exceptional beauty. From generation to generation handed down recipes for face care based on natural ingredients and ingredients. But science does not stand still, and now every beauty can save time and money, using natural cosmetics from famous manufacturers provided in our store.

Thai facial cosmetics
Modern women of fashion and lovers of quality products for skin care of the face and body have long appreciated the limitless healing and aesthetic possibilities of oriental products, natural and secret components of medicine. That is why Thai facial cosmetics deserves special attention, as it can completely replace all sorts of substances from other brands.

What is the difference between natural Thai facial cosmetics?
Thai facial cosmetics from Thailand can quickly get lost among the products of other European and domestic brands, as the packaging is usually made in a restrained minimalist style without bright colors and loud advertising slogans. Those who want to order natural products for everyday or therapeutic care of Eastern production must know the important advantages of using such products:
- Natural and completely safe composition: in each product there are plant extracts of local plants, exotic varieties of flowers and fruits, tea leaves, fragrant essential oils, salt from the deep sea, natural algae, healing mud;
- Lack of allergic reactions: all ingredients of exotic origin are tested in detail in laboratory conditions, therefore irritations and reddening are completely excluded;
- Alluring and delicious flavors: the composition is completely absent synthetic flavors, and to create a pleasant smell using only natural essential oils;
- Soft and imperceptible texture, which does not create an unpleasant feeling oily film on the skin surface;
- Immediate result after several times: the manufacturer’s instructions contain a complete list of problems that the product will surely cope with, so buyers can count on such an impact;
-Affordable price.

Range of Thai cosmetics
Given the huge selection of medicinal ingredients and ingredients of Oriental origin, in the product range of Thai brands there are not only medical and care products for the face from Thailand. Manufacturers also offer high-quality samples of decorative cosmetics, which allow you to create an unforgettable makeup with additional benefits for the skin.
Depending on the needs of the skin and the presence of a specific problem, customers can choose the following product options:
Anti-aging remedies to prevent the appearance of wrinkles on any part of the face;
- Effective protection from sunlight and the negative effects of ultraviolet radiation;
-Decorative makeup products for eyes, lips, toning basics;
-Land skin care;
- Means for cleansing the deeper layers of the skin;
-Care for the skin around the eyes with anti-aging and moisturizing effect;
- Care for problematic skin with a therapeutic effect and a hypoallergenic composition.

Cosmetic and medical products can be packaged in any format: creams and gels, cosmetic and healing masks, natural soap with incredible aromas, useful serums, cleansing scrubs, tonics and lotions.
We decided to buy certified and high-quality Thai products for the face in Moscow of famous brands at the cost of the manufacturer? The online store of goods of oriental production offers a wide catalog of cosmetic preparations of a wide range of actions at the most various good prices. Those who want to buy quality goods have the opportunity to use the services of fast delivery to the apartment in various cities and regions of the country.