Dear customers of our store!
We are glad to see you among our customers and are ready to offer you excellent service and original high-quality products from the best Thai manufacturers.
Our store is located in Thailand, the city of Pattaya. We form all your applications here and ship within 2-5 days after payment of the order. We try to protect the integrity of your box and cosmetics in it as much as possible, so we use shockproof paper, plastic and other packaging so that you receive your order without damage during transportation.

Delivery of all your orders is carried out by international mail of the Kingdom of Thailand, and subsequently by the mail of the recipient country. Each parcel has an individual postal number to track the location of the parcel (track number). After the package has been sent, you will receive the track number on your email, which you indicate when placing the order. Then, using this track number, your order is available to check the location along the entire route.
All parcels weighing up to 2 kilograms are not sealed with adhesive tape, glue and other adhesive tape. These are the rules for receiving parcels in the mail. If the parcel is sealed with tape, it will not be accepted for shipment. This is due to the fact that the customs inspector has the right to open and inspect such parcels. We note that orders up to 4 kilograms are divided into 2 boxes. We do this in order to save your shipping costs, since sending 2 boxes of 2 kg is cheaper than 1 box of 4 kg.

Delivery times for ground type of departure vary within 3 weeks. More often it’s faster. But sometimes there are delays, especially during the holidays. For air delivery, the average period is 2 weeks. For EMC up to 12 days (we do not recommend our customers to overpay for EMC delivery, since often the delivery time does not differ much from the terms of Air delivery. According to the experience, EMC comes only 3-5 days faster than air delivery).

Parcels of ground and air type of departure arrive at your local post office. EMC delivery involves courier delivery to the specified address.
Calculation of the cost of delivery, the order acceptance system calculates individually based on the weight of all the goods you have selected. We do not earn on delivery, you pay at official mail tariffs + packaging costs (about 1 US dollar).

In the past month, it has been noted that Russian shipping tracking systems show that the cargo is still in Thailand. This is incorrect information! In this way, the mail partially disclaims liability for possible violations of the delivery time. The correct information can easily be checked on the Thai postal website by the track number here. When your parcel flew out of the country, it is displayed as: Departure From Outward OE
Be careful. Thailand does not delay shipments.

Tracking packages after shipment:
After sending your order, you will receive a notification with the parcel tracking code. This code must be entered on the mail site or any package tracking system. All parcels are sent from Thailand within 2-3 days after registration by mail. Then the parcel arrives in Russia (Kazakhstan, Europe, Israel) and waiting for the queue for customs at the warehouse. Tracking by track displays information about the departure from Thailand to your country and there is no further information. This process does not depend on us and varies in terms of time depending on the workload of customs. As soon as the turn reaches your parcel, it will be cleared and sent to the distribution center, and then to your city. Only then will the information begin to be displayed by track number. Sometimes customs clearance takes 3-4 weeks. And all this period no new information is visible on the tracking number. This is normal practice and all packages are delivered in this mode.

Links to postal services in different countries:

International tacking
Please note that in order to optimize costs for our customers on delivery, all parcels weighing up to 4 kilograms sent 2 boxes.
If you have any problems, please contact us under "Contact"