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Получила шампунь ))) и была удивлена! упаковано ид.. ...»
Шикарный аромат тайской зелени и снежного лотоса н.. ...»
Шикарный шампунь, каждый раз мою голову и вспомина.. ...»
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Shampoos and conditioners

 The sweet aroma of tropical fruit, intoxicating the mind and improves mood. A noble train of pleasant smell of Thai flowers white or royal orchid. Spicy scent of Thai herbs and plants. Perfumed notes from rare pleasure of nuts and natural oils. All of these can afford any consumer thai natural shampoos and hair conditioners. After all, based on the composition of the majority of Thai shampoos and conditioners are natural extracts and oils of useful plants and fruit, flower and root, which not only allows you to keep your hair in top condition, but also to achieve a certain effect, for example, to stop the loss of hair or to get rid of from dry and damaged hair to cure or alleviate laying.
 It is very important to choose the right tool for your hair type. And then the result will not wait long. The incredible effectiveness of the use of shampoos and conditioners Thai described by millions of consumers from all over the world. And those who took for themselves a Thai agent for hair, has not exchange him for one another. And the hair will respond to you with gratitude and will be your ornament and dignity.