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Serum for hair

 A distinctive feature of the serum means that they are a means of enhancing the spectrum of activity.
 Syvorotka- a unique cosmetic containing 10 times more vitamin and mineral substances in the composition than in conventional creams, lotions or hair means. Serums must be a minimum amount when used with maximum benefits at the same time. Unique and various serums for hair will be a perfect protection and restoration. Due to enhanced concentrations of nutrients, vitamins and minerals, the effect of applying whey last a longer time than by conventional means. That is, the serum works even when you are not exerting too much effort or perform complex manipulations with her hair. Serum for hair protects locks from the harmful effects of the environment, protect the hair during heat treatment and is recovering from chemical treatments.
 Hair Serum can be an excellent alternative to costly lamination or coating of keratin hair.