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From hair loss

 Beautiful and healthy hair- an integral part of good looks of each person.
 Unfortunately, almost every one of us is faced with the problem of increased hair loss. The bad water and poor-quality products for hair care, make all the dirty work, as a result, over time, instead of elegant mane on his head is a thin mouse tail.
 The medical name for this process of hair loss called alopecia. Physicians divide it into three disease types: diffuse-uniform when there is loss in all areas of the scalp. This type is the most responsive to treatment because the hair roots are not atrophied and incapable of regeneration and renewal; androgen-when there are bald spots on the forehead or on the top. The cause of androgenetic alopecia is considered to be a failure in the hormonal system; alopecia-in this form of alopecia hair fall out in certain areas of the head. Alopecia areata requires an individual approach to treatment. Natural aging also causes hair loss. But do not worry much if you began to celebrate, the hair on the comb is many times more than before. All types of alopecia are treatable through natural and powerful tools on plant extracts of medicinal plants, which are offered by our online store.