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Brand: Sabai Arom
Product Code: 000022
Gross weight: 150.00 g
На складе: В наличии
847 р. 1,137 р.

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* Fragrance:

 Stunning collection for reverent and pleasant skin care, for those who appreciate the finest and the best.
 Legendary cosmetics from the famous manufacturer Thai Sabai Arom
 The famous Thai company has more than a decade, which manufactures products for the body, face, hair, bathing and massage. In cosmetics Sabai Arom no parabens, mineral oils, synthetic polymers and synthetic dyes and chemical poisons. It is completely natural (90-98%).
 The brand has several lines of care products for skin, body, hair, legs, line for massage and aromatherapy series.
 Excellent quality and a commanding lead among the sales of natural and high-quality cosmetics brand allows kept at the peak of popularity in a very long time.
 Oil Fragrance Body Sabai Arom your choice:
 Thai jasmine: moisturizing spray oil with a stunning aroma of Thai jasmine, consists of a mixture of natural oils - jojoba, rice and sweet almond with vitamin E. Oil Spray Thai jasmine contains a record number of natural ingredients - 98,5%
!  Divine Mango: moisturizing spray with the aroma of Thai mango for all skin types. Nourishing oil spray from Sabai Arom with mildly sweet fruity aroma makes your skin smooth and extremely soft and filled with unforgettable aroma of mango.
 Siamese colors: contains natural oils flower Ylang Ylang and campaka. Nourishing oil spray Siamese flowers Sabai arom has a very feminine delicate floral fragrance.
 Thai Wild Rose. Thin seductive fragrance for romantic natures.
 Samuysky coconut. Invigorating and pleasant, for unforgettable moments, as in advertising the famous chocolate.
 Natural moisturizing and nourishing oils from aromatic Sabai quickly absorbed into the skin, perfectly nourish it after cleansing, make a gentle, fresh, fragrant, pleasant to enliven your senses and leaves no greasy residue.
 How to use: Apply on the body or face, rub soft massage movements
.  Volume:. 100 ml

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