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Welcome to Thai Care Online Shop
  • Online store cosmetics Thai "Thai Care" is always open for new customers and old friends, already had time to become our regular customers. Cooperate with us is easy and enjoyable, because all the products are always in stock and delivery time will surprise even those who already have experience in overseas online shopping. Design your order in just a few clicks, and evaluate the variety of available payment methods. And we will make sure that you always receive only the best possible - from Thailand with love and care.
  • Combining an innovative approach to the extraction of useful substances and extracts and traditional recipes, Thai cosmetics has already won the hearts of millions of people worldwide. Plants and ripe fruit, absorbed the bright rays of the sun, sea minerals, which absorbed ocean salt, herbs, grown on the slopes of the mountains - it's all there in cosmetics from Thailand. And you can not leave this wonderful country for a moment, because even the cold winter evenings you can feel yourself on the beaches of Pattaya, just opening a bottle of shampoo or cream at home.
  • "Thai Care" - from Thailand with love
  • Particularly noteworthy are those goods, as a means of popular Thai medicine, healing balms and means for weight loss. Famous capsules for the treatment of diseases of the liver, gastrointestinal tract, normalization of blood sugar are made in Thailand from natural ingredients, providing a soft and gentle effect on the body. And drugs from colds give the expected effect after the first dose. And you can always personally verify their effectiveness, because to buy all the necessary drugs can always be on our website, in any required quantity and delivery to your city.
  • Thai pharmacy - to your health
  • Planning to buy cheap Thai cosmetics, it is worth remembering that the work of the discounter is directly related to the ability to purchase products of local manufacturers at the most affordable price. Accordingly, buying more goods, you can get some savings on shipping - taking into account the postage and packing. Our customers in Russia and the CIS, we offer the possibility of obtaining goods or ordinary airmail, saving you from having to bear the additional costs. This means that each item purchased will indeed be bought with the maximum benefit.
  • Thai cosmetics and other goods - delivery
  • From the outset, our online store for Thai cosmetics paid special attention to the widest possible coverage of the goods produced in Thailand. Today, our customers can buy not only cosmetics, but also food, toothpaste, medicines on a natural basis with delivery directly from sunny South-East Asia. And fans of anime and manga in our catalog A wide range of colored contact lenses that give your eyes the most expressive effect, which can not be achieved with the help of cosmetics.
  • The main advantage, which has Thai cosmetics - used for its environmentally friendly manufacturing materials. All of the recipes used in the production of popular cosmetic in Thailand, based on many years of practical experience in the application of natural oils, medicinal herbs, plant extracts and sea minerals. As a result, Thai creams are no worse than the most expensive development chemicals from leading laboratories in the world, hair products return them to a healthy glow, and body cosmetics is hypoallergenic and safe even for babies.
  • Wider range of products - more profit
  • If you want to use natural care products every day without fearing for your budget? With our online store you can always afford to buy Thai cosmetics inexpensively and with a guarantee of quality. After all, we show concern for the comfort of each of our customers - from Russia and CIS countries, establishing the most favorable conditions for the purchase of goods.
  • Online store cosmetics Thai "Thai Care" - a discount, offering the most favorable prices for goods delivered directly from Thailand. Over the years, we give you the opportunity to buy your favorite beauty products from Southeast Asia without the hassle and long wait. And take care that the range of directory regularly updated with new effective tools for face and body, the famous drugs for weight loss, gels and balms, essential during periods of rehabilitation after injury.
  • Natural cosmetics from Thailand at affordable prices
  • In today's world, nothing is valued as highly as natural products grown in environmentally friendly conditions. Not surprisingly, the Thai cosmetics, famous as a truly environmentally friendly product becomes more and more popular with each passing year. It is based only natural, proven ingredients for centuries, easily coping with the tasks that are not under the force of the achievements of the chemical industry.
  • A medicinal ointments, creams and capsules allow hassle to improve their health and regain the joy of life.
IMPORTANT!!! Should you not find what you were looking, write to us, PROBABLY this product have not yet uploaded because it is a long hard work.